Rainbow Bee-eaters

5 Rainbow bee eaters - 1 caught the bee oil painting
5 Rainbow bee eaters - 1 caught the bee oil painting rainbow bee eater oil painting side view
$5,500.00 each Brand: Swapnil Nevgi Fine ArtSwapnil Nevgi Fine Art

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I love observing various birds and generally spend a lot of time in bushland hiking and collecting references to do that. Rainbow bee eaters are one of the hardest to observe considering they move so quickly. However over months I managed to collect a few references and understand their behaviour. This painting is a composition I've created based on my months of observation. Background is inspired by Queensland outback.

This art is on a high quality polycotton canvas stretched over MDF board. This gives added stability to the entire painting which is great for this size painting. I highly recommend getting this painting framed which will make this painting even more beautiful. However painting is on a 38mm stretched canvas with a string on the back and can be hung without a frame. Sides are painted as a continuation of the painting.



900mm x 1500mm x 38mm (36" x 59" x 1.5")

Polycotton canvas stretched on MDF panel backing

Langridge + Michael Harding + Williamsburg oil colours

Year completed

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